''It is necessary to have hope,

but to have hope of the verb to act;

because there are people who hope

for the verb to wait.

And the hope of the verb wait is not hope,

it is to stop.

To hope is to get up, to hope is to go after, to hope is to build, to hope is not to give up!

To hope is to move forward, to hope is to join with others to do otherwise... ''

Paulo Freire

Patron of Education in Brazil

and great inspiration in our projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

forest Road



Relations, brands and processes as a whole. Diagnosing and correcting weaknesses is what makes us more humans.


Ethics guides us on a responsible path.

''Know the truth and it will set you free.''


Nothing is built by chance. It is necessary to be aware of each action and its impacts.


You have certainly heard of it, but it is not enough to know. You have to feel and let it guides you.


Those who seek to know each other and, through example, empower their audience,

understood everything.

After all what is CSR?

Some people think about Corporate Social Responsibility as being proposals which companies must commit to many things and consumers must nevertheless have certain doubts about the truth in what is being planted - and above all questioning why they are doing it.

The fact is that the principles that govern CSR are elements that are increasingly present within the strategies and projects of brands that, on the other hand, have increasingly more awake and demanding audiences. In addition to employees who want to generate something besides revenue!

Therefore, Corporate Social Responsibility, for us, goes beyond a set of rules, training and beautiful communication based on actions of social causes. It is a philosophy. A path with no return. A commitment to the heart. Because we can no longer go on without awareness and responsibility for the impacts we cause. Our attitudes resonate with the Whole.

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