''Some say

that our destiny is beyond our control

that we didn't choose our fate

but i know the truth

our destiny lives within us

you just need to be brave enough to see it.''


Brave (2012)

Disney Pixar Movie




Night Sky with Stars


Consciousness, frequency, energetically and spiritually. Expand under crystallized ideas and concepts that need to awaken to new perspectives.


Adapting and surrendering to the new is what society, humanity and all beings on Earth are asking of us at this moment.

Night Sky with Stars


Our nature is perfect and evolutionary in an innate way. Let us be active agents of a personal and social evolution that contributes to the transformation



Give new meanings and transform our view on things. To question. To inquire. Do like never before.

Night Sky with Stars


A wise voice that whispers the answers according to what resonates in the home of our heart. It is the compass that guides us every step of the way.

What is Organizational Systemic Constellation?

Observing the wise and sacred culture of the Zulu people in Africa, the philosopher, theologian and pedagogue Bert Hellinger developed a revolutionary approach to healing through the quantum fields of information: the Systemic Constellation. The technique was widely disseminated to bring awareness to patterns and

issues linked to our family system, which we often repeat unconsciously. Always for love.

We often distinguish areas of our realities between family members, personal fulfillment, happiness in relationships and success in the profession as if we could separate them. However, they follow the same laws and orders. In other words, there are certain circumstances that limit us on a personal and business level, resulting in profound effects on the fields of work.

The Systemic Constellation is one of the tools used in our consultancy in favor of changes that lead us to evolve and bring the peace we want for ourselves and the world.


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