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In short, I would like to extract the whole chat history of a person (user) from a website( in this case, Twitter). From the second line, I would like to extract the nickname and the user account url, and if possible, also the time and date of the message. A: A list of all tweets using tweepy and using the search term "nightclub" with the twitter API: from tweepy import Stream from tweepy import OAuthHandler import csv import json # Config consumer_key = 'KmFZdDg0Hg1IHp1P0G2' consumer_secret = 'kQpFFLU7fAiCIDy_tN9E6Ij' access_token = '5eUGXYU6nICCd_0K5C7mCc' access_token_secret = 'LLJX3ZT1V6LKjZ7HYHU3vYdyPLM' auth = OAuthHandler(consumer_key, consumer_secret) auth.set_access_token(access_token, access_token_secret) # Twitter API api = tweepy.API(auth) search = ['nightclub'] listTweets =, count=20) print(listTweets) for tweet in listTweets: print(tweet.text) If you're interested in extracting the usernames from a given tweet, have a look at the comment by gtothequick and his answer for more information. Q: Fill up a specific row of a table with a jquery ui autocomplete Hello I am currently using an autocomplete plugin called jquery ui. It works fine but I need to fill up a row of the table I have with the values from a search. The values have to be the contents of the current row. My code : $(document).ready(function(){ $('.ui-autocomplete').each(function(){ $(this).data('ui-autocomplete')._renderItem = function(ul, item)

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