Our method - 12 steps

The Buen Camino program method was originally developed by the founder Bárbara Tomiatti based on academic studies and making an analogy with the 12 days of pilgrimage on the Portuguese Way to Santiago de Compostela, in Spain. This experience transformed the journey of the creator and to which a large part of the techniques and experiences were channeled and inspired.

Navegando em Woods

1. Day One

The synchronization of the internal compasses.

It is the first day of our journey. It is a conversation with key people. The moment when those responsible for the leadership of the team open their hearts and tell us everything they expect and want to develop in this journey. A mixture of feelings that involve animation, confidence, yearnings, curiosity and that feeling of: how did we get here?

2. Diagnosis

The vote of confidence.

Now it's up to us! We will put all our focus on bringing our experiences together to create a program for social purposes that is unique and that has complete synergy with the purpose and reason for existence of the organization and the entire community involved.

Campo de trigo
Mulheres trabalhando

3. Alignment with communication

Creation of a new reality.

It is in this monitoring with the communication team that the process gains strength and reverberates in the form of a good image and reframing. Here, we will understand which channels are most interesting to reach and perpetuate the message for the organization's internal and external audiences.

4. Mapping of stakeholders

Where do we go from here: chaos or community? Martin Luther King .

We are not alone. We are collective beings and the partnerships are essential for survival, sustainable development and the eradication of social inequalities and injustices. We will be a bridge and strengthen ties so that our path expands and thus, we can really make a difference.

Voluntários no Banco Alimentar
Orando Juntos

5. Actions

Anchor and solidify ideas.

Dissolution of old crystallized procedures so that the new can be part and for creativity to make room for innovation. We bring insights that enhance the infinite possibilities and carry out actions with truth and purpose.

6. Training

It only makes sense if resonate with the Whole.

We celebrate our singularities that make us unique and share this in the form of an encounter with all those who make the wheel spin and everything happens. This is a very important part of our journey, in which the project is presented and hosted in a collaborative and integrated manner. This is where magic (and development) takes place!

Group Planting a Tree
Palestra grupo

7. Structuring of CSR

A path with no return.

A milestone in our journey. From where we are, we just move forward. It's time to show the world that we want to change with it. And more than that, make us and this planet a better place to work and live.

8. Hands-on

Joint energies that take shape.

It is time to make it happen. Put into practice all structured actions to reverberate from the inside out. We will closely monitor all internal and external actions.

Banners sobre mudanças climáticas
Classe meditação

9. Transpersonal

Towards a new consciousness.

Through the Organizational Systemic Constellation, we will work to heal the organization's morphogenetic energy field. The facilitator will carry out this awareness work that shows what needs to be seen and brings light to the holes that tend to reappear along the way.

10. Organizational experience

Motivation and commitment that generate unforgettable experiences.

In this part of the path we have special guests who will give testimonies that make sense and meaning to the internal public and where techniques, games and tools are part of transformation into an event with purpose.

Voluntários de embalagem de alimentos
Pride Parade

11. Measurement

Short, medium and long term evaluation.

We will keep our eyes open to monitor and measure everything that was built along this journey. In addition to developing proposals for improvement and delivering an infographic with a summary of the applied project.

12. Legacy

Every end is a fresh start.

Looking back, we can see how much has changed. And onwards, the legacy that was built for future generations. At the end of this cycle, we can only thank you for choosing to walk with us. Here, we also come out stronger and nourished with the feelings of joy and satisfaction for our process.

See you on the way! :)