Communication with a soul invites us to humanize processes and see other people as our extensions . 

And this realization is the key to the change we dream of.

We are a Communication for Peace Consultancy specializing in structuring Social Responsibility Programs and conducting Non-Violent Communication workshops in companies, schools, universities

and third sector organizations.


''At a time of growing global challenges and threats, such as inequality, exclusion, violence and sectarianism, exacerbated by local tensions and conflicts that undermine the cohesion of humanity, "learning to live together" among all members of the world community, it becomes a factor more current than ever. Living in peace is accepting differences and having the ability to listen, recognize, respect and appreciate others, as well as living together in pacifism ''

United Nations of Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. (2019)



Our brand is this medicinal plant, used by different peoples to cure. The passion flower represents our nature. Passionate about the purpose of transforming and reframing. Charming for its fluidity and beautiful essence. Beauty in this context is directly associated with goodness. The Greeks said that every Bellum (beauty) must necessarily be Bonum (good) in order to flourish.

Mission designed with love

Raising awareness and mentoring for the creation of projects that promote the culture of peace , as well as structuring social responsibility programs and disseminating Non-Violent Communication.

Eyesight that resonates with the Whole

To be part of a process of social transformation that in essence contributes to collective changes that benefit all people involved in our actions. Our energy aims to impact and collaborate directly or indirectly with at least 111 initiatives and organizations by 2023.

Values aligned with our purpose

  • Consciousness. First of all, it's necessary to have a critical social view. To know the place of speaking and listening. Propagate dialogue as a two-way street with the knowlege that we start from points with different opportunities, experiences and beliefs.

  • Respect. To all beings of all kingdoms - mineral, vegetable and animal.

  • Collaborativism. The awareness that our power exists in the ability to create networks and act in unity.

  • Wisdom. Based on scientific and academic data, innate and intuitive knowledge and the strength taken from our personal experiences and those of our ancestors.

  • Responsibility. To manifest with transparency, purity, ethics and altruism to deal with our acts and projects in a harmonious and cohesive manner.

We are


Barbara Tomiatti Giancola
Founder and general director

Doctoral Student in Peace and Development at Universitat Jaume I, Master in Communication with Social Purposes from Universidad de Valladolid in Spain and a degree in Public Relations from Faculdade Cásper Líbero in São Paulo. She acts as a bridge between academic research and professional projects. Communities and companies. Between the scientific and the transpersonal. With experience in communication and social responsibility, public relations, academic research, event organization, communication in international public bodies with an emphasis on education and youth, digital and social marketing, activism, speaker and volunteer work in civil society organizations. In addition to qualification to work in the political system and public bodies. She is the creator of the unique methodology and Comunica com Alma and makes this consultancy an extension of her purpose and human essence.  She loves using her free time to sing, dance and write poetry and considers herself an eternal teacher and apprentice of the Communication for Peace.

Our Consulting Programs


Non-Violent Communication Workshops

We work for the human development of organizations and people. Ideal for teams looking to make the work environment more cooperative, engaged, creative, with a clear and more enjoyable purpose.

Some of the tools and theories we use:

  • Non-violent communication

  • Educommunication

  • Neurolinguistic programming

  • Coexistence and empathy

  • Emotional intelligence

Corporate Social Responsibility Program

We work to create and structure the pillars of a CSR program that is consistent with the values ​​and policies applied in each company. It is a process of humanization and a milestone in the history of organizations that leaves a legacy for the inserted community and for humanity as a whole.

Some of the tools and theories we use:

  • Theory of communication for social purposes - strategies and campaigns

  • Accredited consultancy for certification and dissemination of culture Instituto Lixo Zero (Zero Waste Institute).

  • CSR principles and inspiration in international best practices

  • Communication for sustainable development

  • Training for teams


Systemic Transformation Program

We work beyond matter and heal in an energetic way, bringing personal transformations that will flow naturally and empathically throughout the group. It is a process that makes people more aware of their creative and collaborative potential and works with the info-energy of the systemic field of each organization.


  • Organizational Systemic Constellation

  • Self knowledge

  • Communication for peace

  • Healing with transpersonal tools

  • Neurolinguistic programming

  • Breathing techniques and guided meditation

forest Road

Buen Camino Program

It is the combination of the three services of consulting.
The organization will have a journey outlined with its own time of implementation and execution.
Each path is unique.


Our Clients

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